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Good day!

I'll start off by saying a bit about the EMB history. EatMyBulletGaming was formed back in January 2011 and founded by Diomedes and the name comes from a clan (about 6 years ago) who I used to play with in a different FPS series all together. In Call of Duty: Black ops, we played several games and went had a record of about 40 wins and 2 loses (on suspicious clans we must add). Before long, we released 'Resurrection - A Black Ops Montage'. Our montage managed to gain about 2,000 views aswell as about 300 subs on our own channel. However, due to inactive players, not enough recruits, not enough games and other factors, we weren't able to play as many competitive games as we had hoped. Consequently, members started to get frustrated and dropped out. One member took things too far, and deleted our YouTube channel out of immaturity. As a result of members leaving and our YouTube channel gone, we decided to call it quits and stopped the squad in July/August 2011. However, three of the ex-members and I stayed close and kept in touch on a regular basis. In early December, the proposed idea of reforming EMB into a new squad, with new ambitions occurred - this idea was enrolled and EMB was 'Resurrected' in December 2011.

Our Ambitions

Previously, our ambitions were to become a YouTube squad - become well-known, well-liked and create a community. This has changed. Currently, our ambitions as a squad are to create a 'family'. We want to create a community within ourselves; play scrims at the weekends, play together on ventrilo and enjoy the game we bought! This is a huge turn about since we reformed in December - it occurred to us that we were going down the wrong path back in January and so we changed our motives. Most, if not all, squads on YouTube can be described as "A YouTube channel with a squad". However, we aim to be described as "A squad with a YouTube channel". Yes, I am not going to lie, of course we would like to become a 'famous' squad on YouTube with 100,000 subscribers. Who doesn't? But that isn't our main aim, our main aim is to play the game with some good friends and publish what we class as 'fun' to other viewers - if this gets us to become well-known then that is a perk of gaming.

YouTube - The way we see it

Nowadays, to see a channel on YouTube that isn't there to make money is a rare thing. YouTube is full of money-oriented kids that just want money,money, money. They rip off other montages, channels and people to become well-known. Clans produce the same videos because it gets them the most views and so the most money. We never had this view in January (and we still don't) but we never had our view as we do now, in December. We want to create a squad, that plays the game it is meant to be played! No over-editing, no sly effects. Just the game, with some players and some cool music! Nothing on YouTube resembles what gaming is about. And that's where we come in. We want to record our gameplays, our efforts, our scrims, our gaming experience and share it with other gamers who enjoy the same games as we do. Our content will be for the gamer who wants to come and meet other gamers!

Thanks for reading this guys! I'll be sure to frequently update it and add Smile

See you on the battlefield!
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