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PostSubject: MakeYouDead   MakeYouDead Icon_minitimeFri May 04, 2012 9:18 pm

Personal Information

Name: Chris S.
Steam name: MrLoveChode
In-game name: Make You Dead
Age: 26
Location: Peterborough
Occupation: U.S. Air Force
What times do you game?: 1900 – 2300+
Do you have a mic?: Yes
Do you have TS3? (If not you will need it): Yes
What games do you play? (MMORPG/RPG/FPS): MMORPG/FPS/RTS
What other platforms do you play?: Xbox 360
Additional comments: Most of my gametime is on Xbox 360, but I prefer PC. I just haven’t found a good community to play with yet.

Your History

How long have you been playing PC?: 9 Years FPS / 16 Years total PC
When did you start the call of duty series?: Call of Duty 4
Have you ever played with a squad before?: Yes
What squad(s)?: KiSS and FabSoft
Why did you leave?: Clans disbanded as players slowly moved to other games or console gaming
Have you ever played competitive gaming?: Yes
Additional comments: I played competitive CS 1.6/Source in Clan KiSS and TF2 in Clan FabSoft. Steam name at the time was Soulful_KiSS (KiSS) or Clorox (FabSoft).

Current Information

What Call Of Duty do you play most?: I have the most in-game time with Modern Warfare 3
What is your K/D? (On average): 1.4+, steadily climbing
What is your favourite weapon?(MW3): ACR 6.8 or AS50 / MP9 Secondary (Could be a primary IMO)
What is your favourite map? (MW3): Village or Hardhat
What gametype do you most play?: Kill Confirmed/Domination
Which position do you prefer? (Rusher, Camper, Defender etc.): Rush, or anything required to win.
What class are you most likely to take? (Sniper, Assault, LMG, SMG): Assault or Sniper
Additional comments: I will play any role depending on what is needed. I am versatile. Also, I expect my realistic K/D Ratio to be somewhere around 1.8+. I play a support strike package consisting of only UAV/Ballistic Vests. It helps me stay alive longer, and I think it benefits the team a lot.

Media Information

If you do not have a youtube account please disregard this section and move on
What is your YouTube channel? (Please link)
What types of videos do you upload?:
What types of videos can you produce for EMB?:
How often can you upload a video to the EMB channel?:
Do you edit?:
Do you do GFX?:
Additional comments: I can post some videos if you would like to see gameplay. I can do some editing and montages, or post full games to show my consistency.

Additional Questions

Why do you want to join EMB?: To be part of an organized community and play at a competitive level
What do you expect from EMB?: Team players, concerned with team success rather than personal K/D
Where did you hear about us from?: Online in various forums
Additional comments:
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