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 Tournaments/ Leagues at Pain Street Nation

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Tournaments/ Leagues at Pain Street Nation Empty
PostSubject: Tournaments/ Leagues at Pain Street Nation   Tournaments/ Leagues at Pain Street Nation Icon_minitimeSun Feb 26, 2012 11:51 am

Hello, I'm Hitman. I am the Head Admin for Call of Duty: Series in Pain Street Nation at painstreetnation dot com. I would like to inform you that we are hosting Tournaments for Call of Duty: Modern warfare 3 and Battllefield 3 for European teams. Everything is for FREE. No sign up fee's, there are prizes for every tournament we have and we usually award 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. We have a good staff working almost around the clock willing to help you. Join our TeamSpeak 3 (Server: ; Channel: Waiting for admin) if you have any questions. An admin should be waiting for you. If no one is around that you could speak to, email me at Hitman@painstreetnation dot com. Come visit us at painstreetnation dot com where everything is free and prizes are being given out.

Thank you

PSGN Head Admin: Call of Duty Series
Steam: tmendez84
E-Mail: Hitman@painstreetnation dot com
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Tournaments/ Leagues at Pain Street Nation
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